La Pine Frontier Days


The Membership of the La Pine Frontier Days Association is literally the backbone of the or-ganization. There was a time, long in the past, when the contributions from the members kept us going with the basics of paper and ink. For me, looking back on those days, it is hard to imagine because we have grown into such a strong organization. I am proud to say we have spent the money from members, sponsorships, vendors and grants wisely, and always with eyes to the future.

We saved for years to be a contributor to the development of the LPRD land they received from the City (via congress and the BLM and Deschutes County), but when the offer to pur-chase our new land came to us we took a long realistic look at where we were headed. We were needing to rework the event every year in order to accommodate new development at Frontier Heritage Park; there was no way for us to grow to make Frontier Days the premier event we always dreamed it could be. We took the leap and now are the proud owners of 40 acres for our event’s future, and the future of all events wishing to come to La Pine.

We have many grand plans and are currently working through a wetlands delineation and Conditional Use Permit application from the city in order to move forward with some of those plans. The money we have saved is allowing us to start this process and accomplish some work, with the help of a handful of amazing volunteers! And, of course, we will need more … more money, more volunteers, more buy-in from the community. We are working hard to increase the size of the area for the Frontier Days, we have The Wall That Heals com-ing in October, as well as the 2nd Powwow in La Pine, we are forging ahead, again always with eyes to the future. The future of Frontier Days certainly, but also the future of La Pine. We envision a signature property that could be all things … wetlands to attract birds and oth-er critters, event space for large outdoor events, and hopefully in the future an indoor venue as well.

We will be applying for grants to accomplish as much as possible, but grantors always require matching … funds, volunteer hours, in-kind donations. We are appealing to our community to do more for the future of Frontier Days. If you can contribute money, that is wonderful … if you have some hours to volunteer, or a business with a needed service or skill to donate, that’s amazing as well. It’s going to take many hands to get it all done … and commitment to the future.
We invite you to join the fun!

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